Tools for the Anthropocene.

TOOLS: NYC Prepper Jason Charles

B TV video featuring 39-year-old firefighter and founder of the NYC Preppers network, Jason Charles. In the video, Charles discusses the Cold War origins of prepping, how to build a bug out bag, and NYC Preppers retreats. Original BLTV feature on prepping coming soon.

See: Anthropocene Back Loop, Chapter 5: Survival Skills and Floating Houses

LIVE: Sea level rise flooding, Miami, 9/30/2019

TOOLS: Amphibious architecture: Old River Landing, Louisiana

TOOLS: SUP fishing

TOOLS: Remaking life after Fukushima

TOOLS: Chronixx

ESSAY: Wakefield x New Models: Living in the Back Loop

TOOLS: Buddy Blalock's amphibious architecture

LIVE: #kingtide flooding this morning in Shorecrest, Miami #sealevelrise

MIAMI: Natalia Zuluaga

TOOLS: Fitness experimentation

TOOLS: Orchid rewilding

TOOLS: NYC Prepper Jason Charles

TOOLS: Living with water (Batayan Island, Philippines)

TOOLS: Serious Games hurricane scenario training simulation

LIVE: Sea level rise front lines

LIVE: King Tides Schedule

LIVE: Tropical Storm Gordon

LIVE: Visiting Miami Beach Urban Studios (coming soon)

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