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TOOLS: Serious Games hurricane scenario training simulation

Since its beginnings with Shell, "futures scenario planning" has become a popular strategy tool used by militaries and corporations for ensuring their own thriving in a range of unexpected futures. Most recently resiliency practitioners in academia, design, and management have taken up the practice as a means of imagining and designing for climate change futures. Seen as ground zero for sea level rise, in recent years Miami has been the subject of many such future scenario exercises for imagining how to live with water. These include a range of visioning workshops by 100 Resilient Cities, the Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network, Harvard University Graduate School of Design’s Office for Urbanization, city government, and resiliency consultants. In the video--to be updated with a longer cut shortly--residents, politicians, academics and activists participate in a day-long Serious Games hurricane scenario training simulation. Participants, most of whom did not know each other, were grouped at tables by neighborhood. Organizers led them through fictional news updates on a category 5 storm hitting the city, and instructed participants to discuss how to respond to a range of linked effects including food shortages, blackout, evacuation orders. Potentially useful tools discussed included community "hubs" with food, power, Internet, solar-powered coolers, and mesh networks...

Participants gathered at tables by neighborhood as a facilitator walked them through a sequence of events leading up to and through the aftermath of a Category 5 hurricane in South Florida. The event organizer Michael McDonald delivered the scenario through a series of front pages of the South Florida Times starting in April 2019, that were dropped on the tables every 10 minutes. First, an explosion at Turkey Creek Nuclear Plant, then scientists warning of rapid ice melt in Antarctica, next 40 cases of Zika were reported in the region... At each new turn the facilitator asked, “How would you deal with this? How would you help your neighbors deal with this?”  

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TOOLS: Serious Games hurricane scenario training simulation

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