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MIAMI: Natalia Zuluaga

In the first of a series of MIAMI interviews, this video features excerpts from a conversation conducted by Stephanie Wakefield with Natalia Zuluaga, a curator and researcher based in Miami, Florida. Filmed during the record-breaking autumn heat wave of 2019 to the backdrop of an overtaxed AC, the discussion covers Miami's history in real estate speculation; visual imaginaries of the city as climate change ground zero; how Miami's unique class, race, and wealth configurations influence its climate change response; private sea walls; and current proposals for sea level rise circulating around town for a Ballard-meets-KSR vision to 'save' the city by moving wealthy residents and a smaller laboring class into five mini vertical cities with helipads and boats, while enacting managed retreat for the rest of the population...

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MIAMI: Natalia Zuluaga

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