MIAMI: Natalia Zuluaga

In the first of a series of MIAMI interviews, this video features excerpts from a conversation conducted by Stephanie Wakefield with Natalia Zuluaga, a curator and researcher based in Miami, Florida. Filmed during the record-breaking autumn heat wave of 2019 to the backdrop of an overtaxed AC, the discussion covers Miami's history in real estate speculation; visual imaginaries of the city as climate change ground zero; how Miami's unique class, race, and wealth configurations influence its climate change response; private sea walls; and current proposals for sea level rise circulating around town for a Ballard-meets-KSR vision to 'save' the city by moving wealthy residents and a smaller laboring class into five mini vertical cities with helipads and boats, while enacting managed retreat for the rest of the population...

LIVE: Sea level rise flooding, Miami, 9/30/2019

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LIVE: #kingtide flooding this morning in Shorecrest, Miami #sealevelrise

MIAMI: Natalia Zuluaga

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LIVE: Sea level rise front lines

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LIVE: Visiting Miami Beach Urban Studios (coming soon)

Glaciers are melting, seas rising, and climates changing. Civilizational baselines are also shifting, including what is true, what being human means, as well as who gets to answer those questions and in what ways. Safe operating space is unraveling as we enter the Anthropocene back loop, a time of chaotic fracture and confusion, experimentation and potential. As observed in ecological systems, a…

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