LIVE: Sea level rise front lines

Drone view of Miami Beach. In recent years Miami has increasingly been portrayed as the "frontline of sea level rise" and a "climate change first responder."  This narration is played out across media, scientific reports, and visuals, with aerial shots of Miami Beach's low-lying geography especially central to the depiction...

LIVE: Sea level rise flooding, Miami, 9/30/2019

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LIVE: #kingtide flooding this morning in Shorecrest, Miami #sealevelrise

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LIVE: Sea level rise front lines

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LIVE: Tropical Storm Gordon

LIVE: Visiting Miami Beach Urban Studios (coming soon)

Glaciers are melting, seas rising, and climates changing. Civilizational baselines are also shifting, including what is true, what being human means, as well as who gets to answer those questions and in what ways. Safe operating space is unraveling as we enter the Anthropocene back loop, a time of chaotic fracture and confusion, experimentation and potential. As observed in ecological systems, a…

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