BACK LOOP TV collects snapshots of earth and life in flux, curating raw takes, original interviews, rough video, and photo essays of tools, practices, and experiences along the fault lines of the Anthropocene. Based in Miami Beach —‘ground zero’ for sea level rise and climate change— the project features both the pragmatic and poetic, divergent and concrescent, and is both standalone and accompaniment to Stephanie Wakefield’s book Anthropocene Back Loop: Experimentation in Unsafe Operating Space.

LIVE: Sea level rise flooding, Miami 9/30/19

TOOLS: Amphibious architecture: Old River Landing, Louisiana

TOOLS: SUP fishing

TOOLS: Remaking life after Fukushima

TOOLS: Chronixx

ESSAY: Wakefield x New Models: Living in the Back Loop

LIVE: #kingtide flooding this morning in Shorecrest, Miami #sealevelrise

MIAMI: Natalia Zuluaga

TOOLS: Fitness experimentation

TOOLS: Orchid rewilding

TOOLS: Serious Games hurricane scenario training simulation (coming soon)

LIVE: Sea level rise front lines

LIVE: King Tides Schedule

LIVE: Tropical Storm Gordon

LIVE: Visiting Miami Beach Urban Studios (coming soon)

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